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Remedium Clinic

Centrum Stomatologiczno-Medyczne

ul. Gdańska 80 A
85-021 Bydgoszcz

tel. 52 321 04 45
kom. 885 11 11 85



Stomatolog, dentysta, psycholog, psychiatra, neurolog - Remedium Clinic Bydgoszcz

Remedium Clinic is a private dental and medical center located in the heart of the city of Bydgoszcz, the Centre has been running for 21 years. During this period we gained the trust of our patients. Our doctors have years of experience and together with the medical staff with solicitude we will deal with each of you. We have modern equipment and an excellent accommodation. We take care of cleanliness and sterility of premises and equipment. In our center, each of you will find help from specialist doctors, psychologists and dentists.

Our specialties are:

  • Dentistry
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology

Dental Center:

We have modern equipped dental offices. Recently, we acquire a dental microscope. It increases the precision of the dentist's work during root canal treatment, enables the location and development of thin and curved root canals, removal of broken instruments, overcoming the obstruction in the root canal, re-root canal treatment. We also have a portable X-ray unit with radiovisiography whereby the dentist and patient can immediately see the X-ray picture of the tooth on the screen in a huge magnification. We also often use the intraoral camera. In addition to conservative dentistry including endodontics we provide for many years service in the field of prosthodontics, oral surgery and implantology. Recently, to meet the expectations of our patients, we put special emphasis on the development of cosmetic dentistry, we do veneers, dental implants, reconstruction of broken teeth, teeth whitening, and sandblasting. Moreover we put special attention to dental prophylaxis and treatment in children. Dentist with a special approach to children and facilitates helps the children find the fondness in visits with the dentist, these are a guarantee of healthy teeth in the future.

Neurological Clinic:

In our clinic an experienced neurologist conducts diagnosis and treatment of all neurological conditions, including:

  • spinal pain syndromes,
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system and neuromuscular disorders, neuropathy, myasthenia gravis, dementia units,
  • neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonian teams,
  • dystonia,
  • teams dementia-Alzheimer's disease and other,
  • demyelinating diseases,
  • epilepsy,
  • chronic pain, headaches, neuralgia, back pain,
  • balance disorders, dizziness.

Psychiatric Clinic:

Sometimes normal daily functioning becomes more difficult, such situations occur in most people at the turn of a lifetime. We should find help in a psychiatrist when the difficulties begin to surpass us. If you think that in your life something is wrong, you cannot deal with your own thoughts, if you lack the desire to be active and do daily activities, don’t wait and help yourself. Psychiatrist will help you change this state, stop the torture and return to your life.

In our clinic we treat:

  • insomnia and other sleep disorders,
  • memory impairment,
  • depression,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • social phobia,
  • addiction,
  • personality disorders,
  • mental disorders of old age,
  • neurosis,
  • eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia).

Psychological Clinic:

An experienced psychologist is an invaluable help for the patient. The most commonly used individual psychotherapy are:

  • healthy individuals, interested in personal development and improving their interpersonal competence through such like  better understanding of themselves,
  • people experiencing anxiety and situational difficulties or facing particular circumstances of life (divorce or separation from loved ones, accident, sudden illness / diagnosis of disease, death in the family, the birth of a child, loss of job, promotion, leave home for a growing child, etc.)
  • individuals chronically exposed to the influence of disruptive or harmful factor (bullying at work, maintaining the tension associated with unresolved family and random situations, including alcohol or substance abuse psycho stimulants, chronic illness, chronic stress, menopause and andropause, etc.)
  • Patients using the help of a psychiatrist recommendation to start and / or continuation of individual psychotherapy,
  • anyone concerned about their own reactions, feelings, thoughts or other Experiential difficulties.

In addition, an experienced psychologist can also lead:

  • diagnosis and psychological therapy of children and youth with educational, emotional issues,
  • career counseling,
  • biofeedback,
  • counseling for parents,
  • supporting the development of children and adolescents,
  • treatment of dyslexia, ADHD, behavior disorder (aggression),
  • Asperger's Syndrome,
  • treatment of speech defects.


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